Dogs Of Goodness 寶寶豬 凍乾 潮爆牛丸 40g 茶多酚抗氧化配方 優質凍乾小食 冷凍脫水貓狗零食

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D.O.G. 寶寶豬 Dogs Of Goodness Premium Freeze-Dried Beef Balls 40g for Dogs and Cats 👍優質凍乾 "潮爆牛丸" 40g 貓狗適用 💯嚴選優質人類食用級原塊進口牛肉打成牛丸 口感鬆化,爽脆!單一蛋白質來源! ✨茶多酚抗氧化配方 清除自由基 有助保持血管心臟年輕 👑全港首創!First Product Launch in Hong Kong! 🌳純天然 人類食品級 低脂 高蛋白 無添加激素 無添加誘食劑 無添加防腐劑 無味精。非風乾,非冷藏。 有別於坊間一般風乾肉,過程流失大量營養和肉香。我們特別採用革命性低溫FD凍乾技術,大大減少營養流失,保持鬆化口感及原有肉香。低溫FD凍乾技術有效鎖住豐富蛋白氨基酸、天然酵素、維生素、礦物質、微量元素等,我們更加入✅ 茶多酚有助體內抗氧化,清除自由基,阻斷脂質氧化,預防老化和慢性治病,保持青春活力。 👍獨特“潮爆牛丸”口感及風味適合要求高挑食之毛孩。 特製小包裝有效保持新鮮及肉香。 #狗零食 #貓零食 #伴貓糧 #伴狗糧 #狗小食 #貓小食 No added hormones. 🌳Natural premium human grade treats packed with high quality protein, trace minerals, enormous nutritional contents as long as anti-aging tea polyphenols. Ingredients / 成份: Beef Meat and Tea Polyphenols 牛肉、茶多酚 Net Weight: 40g Nutrition Information / 營養資訊: Crude Protein / 粗蛋白質 ≥44.0% Crude Fat / 粗脂肪 ≥11.0% Crude Fiber / 粗膳食纖維 ≤1.5% Moisture / 水份 ≤ 6.0% Feeding Instructions / 食用獎勵指引: Can be given as perfect reward at any time. Always provide fresh drinking water & supervise when feeding. Suggest to start by feeding small portion (cut into small pieces for small breed dogs or cats), then increase gradually day after day. "Deoxidizer" and/or “Desiccant” packets are for sustaining level of dryness, keeping food fresh and tasty, they are NOT intended for consumption. 建議切成小塊給小型毛孩。從少量開始,其後每日慢慢適量增加。確保在監護下食用及提供充足飲用水。 為保持鮮度和肉香,特意加入"Deoxidizer" 除氧劑或/及“Desiccant” 乾燥劑,切勿食用。 Safe Handling Instructions / 食安指引 : Always put remaining food in an airtight container. Store in dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight. Keep separate from other foods. Consume within 7 days after opening. Not for human consumption. 獨立保存在密封容器內,放置乾爽陰涼處,避免太陽直接照射。開封後,請於7天內享用。只供貓狗食用。

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